Cultural Places Pass Guidelines & FAQ

Who may reserve passes?

Adults and teens who have valid library cards, or visitors who obtain temporary cards may reserve passes. Passes will only be distributed to the person who made the reservation. You cannot pick up a pass for a friend or family member.

You may book only one pass for use on any one day.

How do I reserve a pass?

Passes should be booked in advance. Passes may be booked online (using the form) or in person up to 30 days in advance. You will need to enter your library card number to reserve a pass using the online form.

How often may I reserve a pass?

You may reserve one pass per cultural institution during a 30-day period.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Passes may be cancelled one day in advance over the phone or in person.  You may cancel a pass two or more days in advance online, over the phone or in person.  Same day cancellations are not permitted. If a pass has already been picked up, it must be returned to the owning library prior to cancelling the reservation.

When may I pick up a reserved pass?

Passes may be picked up at any time after you make your reservation.  Passes must be picked up at the location you reserved them from. The passes must be date stamped by the library for the day you intend to use them.

Do passes have to be returned to the library?

Passes do not need to be returned to the library. They will be collected by the cultural institution that you visit.

What passes are available?

Passes are available for the following museums, archives, art galleries, historic sites and interpretive centres:

Collingwood Museum at The Station; Coldwater Canadiana Museum;

Huronia Museum and Ouendat Site;  MacLaren Art Centre;

Museum on the Boyne;  Nancy Island Historic Site;

  Orillia Museum Of Art & History;

Penetanguishene Centennial Museum & Archives; Simcoe County Archives;

Simcoe County Museum;  Leacock Museum National Historic Site